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Winter Watch Management

Atlantic Home Partners offers maintenance and security while you are away. Choose a specific service, or combine several, and design a program that best suits your home.

Winter Service Options:

  • Home Inspection - Winter care
    Winterization of the heating system, water supply and waste plumbing

We disconnect and drain the main water feed and water heating systems, and then blow air through the lines to assure they are empty. Hot water heaters, if any, are drained. To the extent reasonable, washing machine and dishwasher lines are drained. Non-toxic antifreeze is put in all undrainable lines and pumps,sinks, tubs, and toilet traps.

  • Weekly Inspections from mid-November through mid-March to check major areas/systems.

Items checked include windows, doors and locks; circuit breakers; ceilings and walls for cracks, staining, moisture or leaks; and, heating and plumbing systems. To maximize your home’s security, weekly inspections are done on a random schedule, so no pattern of regular visits is apparent to potential intruders. If your home is not winterized, inspections are also made during and/or after major storms and extreme cold temperatures.

A record of the inspections is maintained both at your home and our office. In the event of an emergency, or if we detect a potential problem, we notify the owner as soon as possible with a recommended course of action. If the situation is causing damage, we will remedy the problem immediately, in a responsible manner, notify the owner, and bill accordingly.

Winterization: $300 - $500
Inspection Services: $550 - $700

All services are custom tailored, and the exact price quoted will be determined by factors such as; the location and size of your home, number of inspections requested, number of bathrooms, whether water is town or well supplied, and the type of heating system.
Winterization prices include spring turn-on and testing.

Payments are due, and one key must be provided, prior to service.